Healthworks is a privately owned company, founded by Ken Buckley in 1983. We manage the workplace health and fitness programs for some of Australia’s leading companies. We also provide a range of products to assist these companies with their own initiatives in reducing costs associated with poor health and injury at the workplace.

Our 25 years of experience combined with our professionalism and unique approaches to worksite health promotion has meant we have gained a substantial and enviable reputation.

We work with human resource managers, risk managers, occupational health and safety professionals to assist their companies to increase business performance by developing and maintaining their human resources and reducing the costs associated with poor health and injury at the workplace.

The divisions of the company include Health Management Services, Corporate Fitness Services, Health & Safety Publications and the MyHealthworks empoloyee health portal.

Our Corporate Fitness team implement and manage in-house corporate fitness centres and can organise everything from activity classes, lifestyle promotions through to workhardening / injury prevention programs.

Health Management Services offer education on all aspects of health and safety through seminars, screenings, health expos and special events. Screenings include flu vaccinations, vision, heart and cholesterol checks etc. Seminars range from topics on stress, work/life balance, people skills through to topics such as back care and First Aid. Health ’Expos can be organised with stalls covering areas such as massage, healthy cooking demonstrations, vision screening, stress management just to name a few.

Healthworks health and safety publications include the “Well at Work” newsletter the largest circulated corporate health newsletter in Australia. Other publications include our OH&S booklets covering topics such as stress management, shiftwork, nutrition, back care and injury prevention. Other products include OH&S posters on back care, injury prevention and stress designed especially for the workplace.

For further information or quotes regarding any of these innovative Healthworks products and services or to discuss how we can assist to implement your corporate health plan please. Contact us at or visit our website at